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Sciatic Back & Body Pain in Launceston

Back & Body Pain Relief Launceston

Sciatic Back & Body Pain?

Do you feel a groan-inducing ache shooting through your back or Body each time you bend over or stand up? You might have tried all methods of moving and various alternative therapies, but the pain never seems to fully go away. The truth is, your back or body pain is a condition that may have begun years ago. Some 80% of the world’s population develop  back pain at some point and of these people, about 20% develop body pain because they do not use their entire chain of back muscles properly.


Mick Bent

"Wow! I havn't been able to walk and even breathing has been difficult. After just one session the sharp pinching pain has gone. Highly recommend this to anyone!

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Paige Alice

"Had a HIFEM session today at Mojjatchi and after just two sessions the pain has eased and is definitely helping with my back and spine arthritis"


Penny Williams

"OMG Tahnii was awesome!! I can't believe the pain has gone and I can move freely again"

What is HIFEM?

HIFEM fixes your posterior chain muscles and core to fix pain in a short while without exercising. The entire procedure focuses on building muscles to help patients with their day-to-day back or body pain. It uses HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Technology) energy to stimulate the weaker muscle core and posterior areas to build them up through 200,000 muscle contractions.


Whether your back pain is located at the upper, middle or lower part of the posterior muscles, HIFEM rehabilitates the connection between muscles. Unlike its predecessor, its added component of radiofrequency removes fats which increases your body’s strength and reduces resistance to motion. HIFEM is particularly useful for older patients who are afraid to exercise or those who are unable to. It is also useful pre-surgery and post-surgery for those who need to get up on their backs soon after.


Come and speak to one of our professionals to understand how your back or body pain can be relieved. 

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