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Slimming / Contouring Membership


Slimming Contouring Memberships?

At Mojjatchi we offer our client's a complete body slimming and contouring yearly membership, incorporating all of our latest technology machines including coolslimming, Hifem meditone, v-shape and Brazilian Butt lift services. For the body you want and the body you deserve become a Mojjatchi Body member TODAY!


Gold or Sliver?

Depending on your goals and budget we offer both gold and sliver 12 month packages to ensure that you get to your goals and save $1000's at the same time.

Gold Membership: Pay just $999 upfront and receive a massive 50% Off unlimited Coolslimming, Meditone & V-Shape services for a whole year.

Silver Membership: Pay just $499 upfront and receive 25% Off unlimited Coolslimming, Meditone & V-Shape services for 12 months.


Included Unlimited Services Price

Coolslimming Body:

Gold - $333.50  Silver - $500.25

Coolslimming Chin: 

Gold - $167  Silver - $250.50

Meditone Body Sculpt:  

Gold - $149.50  Silver - $224.25

Meditone Pelvic Floor:

Gold - $75  Silver - $112.50

V-Shape III 40min: 

Gold - $75  Silver - $112.50

V-Shape III 1hr 40min: 

Gold - $90  Silver - $135

Brazi Butt Lift:

Gold - $80  Silver $120


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V-Shape III

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