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Get Stunning Eyelash Extensions in Launceston

Eyelash salon Launceston

Launceston Eyelashes?

Mojjatchi Launceston offer a complete range of eyelash services including, classic, hybrid, volume, mega volume and lift and tint services. Get your eyelashes on point at Mojjatchi.


Mia Lisani

"Amazing! Love my new lashes, they are so good and Caitlin very professional "

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Emily Stearnes

"Caitlin! What can I say! You never disappoint! My lashes are 10/10 every time. The atmosphere & chill vibes make my experience enjoyable every single time!"


Anne Dickson

"Fantastic service and staff members are so friendly, helpful and experienced. Love going there "


Classic eyelash extensions are ideal if you like a natural look - the lash tech applies one artificial lash for each natural lash, creating a natural-artificial ratio of 1:1. Classic lashes come in various thicknesses (and weights) for fuller or sparser looks.


Full Set - $170

Two Week Refill - $88

Three to Four Week Refill - $99

Professional eyelashes at Mojjatchi Launceston


Hybrid eyelash extensions combine classic and volume lashes for a fully customisable look. Your eyelash tech will design a unique lash extension layout using both types of lashes to create a feathery look.


Full Set - $170  

Two Week Refill - $99 

Three to Four Week Refill - $105


Volume eyelash extensions, sometimes called Russian volume or 3D lashes, help you achieve a denser, fuller set of eyelashes for a more dramatic look. This technique involves placing fans of two to five eyelash extensions per natural lash on your eyelids.


Full Set - $181

Two week Refill - $99

Three to Four Week Refill - $121

Mega Volume 9-15D

Mega volume eyelash extensions use more false lashes than Russian volume extensions, often including six to sixteen false lashes for every natural lash. Lash techs usually use very thin, wispy lashes to create this look without adding excess weight to the eyelids.

Full Set - $220

Two Week Refills  - $120

Three to Four Week Refills - $143

Lift / Tint

Get a lash lift in Launceston at Mojjatchi if you prefer an all-natural procedure without chemicals. An eyelash lift is a semi-permanent procedure that boosts your eyelashes at the root, making them look longer and fuller without artificial lashes. Lash tints make your natural eyelashes darker, helping them appear full and thick without mascara.


Lash Lift - $88

Lash Lift & Tint - $109

Lash Tint - $44 

Lash & Brow Tint - $66 

Lash & Brow Tint & Eyebrow Wax - $72 

classic lashes at mojjatchi Launceston

Looking for Eyelashes in Launceston?

Adding eyelashes finishes your look and can take your makeup from amateur to pro-level, adding dimension and depth that looks stunning for photos and in person. Mojjatchi is the best place for eyelashes in Launceston, and our complete range of services includes classic, hybrid, volume, mega volume and lift and tint services. Get your eyelashes on point at Mojjatchi.

Explore Our Eyelash Services

No two sets of eyelashes should be the same - our talented lash artists will design a layout and style that works for your eye shape and suits your needs. Explore the different types of eyelash extensions below to find out which one is best for you.

We Do All Things Lashes in Launceston

Mojjatchi is a luxury cosmetic clinic that offers high-quality eyelash extensions in Launceston. Our experienced team is passionate about beauty and aesthetics, and we can help you find the best lash look for your eye shape and personal style. Contact us for more information.

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