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Intimate Bleaching
in Launceston

Bleaching salon Launceston

Intimate Bleaching?

Vaginal and perianal (aka brazilian) brightening is the process of lightening excessive pigmentation in the skin. Pigmentation can occur for a number of reasons such as ageing, natural melanin levels, and genetics. We understand that it’s not something that you would normally talk about with friends or family. It’s not a topic that is brought up out of embarrassment or out of fear of being/looking different. We can assure you that you are not alone! Brazilian (and underarm) brightening are now one of our most asked for treatments. Clients can not only experience painless and effective intimate rejuvenation, but also discover a more confident and empowered version of themselves. Book FREE consultation TODAY!


Hayley Beaumont

"Tahnii is super talented , I will be a regular for sure "

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Paige Alice

Tahnii is an eyebrow goddess. She performed literal magic with my brows and left them looking amazing. Her customer service is always incredible as well


Louise Cornelius

"OMG Tahnii was awesome!! Thanks so much I'm very happy"

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